Customs statistics of Russia and the CIS member countries

"Talisman-Inform" has been providing and analysing statistics on foreign commerce in Russia and CIS countries over 15 years. During that time we have developed several kinds of information delivery from customs database that are optimized for the demands of a wide range of clients.

Our work techniques with customs statistics

Data quality control

Customs database in its original form consists of multiple tables and contains more than 100 fields with different types of data. Only detailed knowledge of the customs databases and professional work with with tens of millions records allow to transfer  a statistically valid result to the customer.

Analytical processing

We not only unload information from customs databases, but perform extra data processing that gives them visibility. This approach makes data analysis quicker allowing you to take correct decision. Our reports allow to get general idea of import and export structure of goods you are interested in just in a few minutes.

Maximum data completeness

The integration of customs statistic database with other sources, using Rosstat and business listings, allows to obtain more information on foreign trade operators: finance indicators, industry classification of establishments according to Russian Classification of Economic Activities (OKVED), full name and contact details of directors.
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Our guiding principle of customer relations

Correct question is half the answer

If you don’t know the HS code of interested goods or have difficulties with task formalization - it’s not a problem. We will help you to choose the right code or filter required information from customs database using a set of key words.

Allow people to check you and they will believe you!

After you contact us, along with the offer you will get a demo sample on your inquiry (based on FEACN/HS code or other parameter). Before payment for your request you already have an idea of the information you will get.
Depending on the chosen form of data from the customs statistics, we offer three main types of reports.



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