Report patterns

Depending on the chosen form of data from the customs statistics, we offer three main types of reports.

Standard report

Simple and low-cost option. However, it is supplemented by monthly dynamics and ratings of Russian importers-exporters with contact details. Before payment you can get a demo sample of the fragment to be sure that you will get exactly what you need.
Typically, the selection from customs database is executed using FEACN/HS code or group of codes. There is also search by other options:

  • any combination of words in the description of the goods
  • banking information of the importing(exporting) company
  • country of departure / destination of the goods
  • goods trademark
  • goods producer
  • customs: registration or border crossing
  • type of transport
  • and other fields of customs database

The extended ratings of importers / exporters include:

  • Name, address, Taxpayer Identification Number (INN), Primary National Registration Number (OGRN),
  • Enterprise registration date and its sector profile
  • Full name of its director and contact details (phone number, fax, e-mail)

The indexes of import/export are calculated for each foreign trade operator:

  •  Cost in USD (field G46)
  •  Net weight in tonnes (field G38 / 1000)
  •  Net weight spread out to the main types of transport: marine, road, railway and air
  •  The operators’ shares are calculated in % according to value and weight in total import/export volume by specified criteria of sampling (generally, FEACN code)
  •  Delivery scope in additional measurement units according to fields G31_7 and G31_8 (it can be pieces, liters, square or cubic metres, pair of shoes, etc.)
  •  The amount of customs duties paid in USD

Cost and weight are additionally given in monthly dynamics!

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Analytical report

Compared to the standard report, it is complemented with analysis of import and export data with a graphical representation. You will need a few minutes to get an overview of the foreign trade structure for a given FEACN/HS code or other request!
We have prepared brief tables for 12 of the most popular options illustrated with color diagrams. The report can be immediately sent to print and bring to the director.

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The list of Russian foreign trade operators (importers and exporters)

If you are looking for partners in Russia, you’ll be interested in database of all Russian companies engaged in import or export. We can prepare the list of foreign trade operators according to chosen field, value of year external trade, region of Russia and any other option.
It is usually required by:

  • Foreign suppliers of goods into Russia
  • Importers of goods from Russia
  • Commercial banks looking for new prospective customers to service their foreign trade transactions.
  • Transport companies looking for new customers for a given type of transportation (road, marine, rail, air).
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