Database of importer and exporters of Russia

Based on the Russian customs statistics, "Talisman-Inform" has prepared an integrated product - the database of Russian companies - foreign trade operators: importers and exporters. To make this information visible and easy to handle, we put together the following information in one table:

  • the full list of importing and exporting companies in Russia
  • volumes of foreign trade in USD and tons monthly detailed
  • contact data and the full name of director
  • commodity and geography composition of import and export of foreign trade operators
  • allocation of cargo volumes between the main types of transport (road, marine, rail, air)
  • annual finance indexation of exporters and importers: revenue, profit, balance sheet total, capital assets, short-term and long-term liabilities.

The sample of Russian importers-exporters database. This file shows the distribution of foreign trade operators in 2015 by regions of Russia and the volume of foreign trade turnover.

The database of foreign trade operators is updated on a quarterly basis.

Complete  annual database includes about 75 000 foreign trade operators.

We can select international trade companies using several criteria:

  • Location in Russia. Regional distribution of the international trade companies is shown here.
  • Partner country. For example: importers from Germany into Russia.
  • Form of transportation. F.e. importers using motor transportation or air transportation.
  • Products by HS codes.
  • Combination of criteria. F.e. importers of equipment from Europe into Russia, motor transportation.

Download the data pattern.


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