Import of ferrous metals to Russia

Ferrous metals are presented in the nomenclature of HS group 72. Enter it cast iron, iron, ferroalloys and various brands became in the most various forms: rolling sheets, bars, pigs, pellets, etc. Despite the fact that Russia is very noticeable on the world market exporter of steel, the average volume of imports of this product is about 140 mln. US dollars.

Export of wheat from Russia within the last 7 years   

Grain crops in whole and wheat particularly is one of important spheres of the Russian export. According to official statistics data from customs bodies, 10 FEACN group (cereals) takes the 9th place in a structure of Russian export in the first half of the year 2012. Thus wheat is leading among the other grain crops in the Russian export - according to the customs statistics for January-June, 2012, wheat has 73 % cost of exported cereals. Therefore we'll start research of grain crops export from Russia with wheat which is presented in the customs qualifier under FEACN code 1001.


Import of coffee to Russia in 2010-2012 

Coffee is invigorating and energy drink made of roasted coffee tree grains. Coffee became very popular in Europe in XVI century, a while later coffee houses were opened also in Russia. Modern people cannot imagine their morning without a cup of flavory coffee; therefore this product is being always imported. We will analyse scopes of deliveries of import coffee to Russia during the period of 2010 - 2012.


Rating of customs brokers for 2012

We has studied the scales of participation of customs representatives in the foreign trade operations of Russia in 2012. Our experts stated increase of demand for the information and analytics both on specific customs representatives and on their participation in customs registration of deliveries with parameters set by customers within the last years (departure country, FEACN code, customs station, type of transport, etc.).



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